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Educational Content Repository (API)

For Developers
This is a backend content and data management system where all our educational content is digitized, tagged and mapped to the syllabus. The online content database is structured around the digital syllabus allowing independent access to content. Our Applications Programming Interface (API) allows different platforms and applications to access the content.

No.1 student web in Tanzania
For Students and Teachers
Shule Direct is our flagship product. The Web platform delivers qualified educational content that serves as a supplementary for learning and revision for students and a teaching resource for teachers in Secondary Schools in Tanzania.

Learning Management System

For School and Home Use
Shule Direct’s Learning Management System (LMS) provides offline access to the Secondary School Curriculum of Tanzania. The LMS is also a tool for content creation for teachers and it allows for interactivity and interactions amongst users i.e. students and teachers or students and parents. Call us on (+255) (0) 75 290 4152 or (+255) (0) 22 266 4167 for a free trial.


For Students
MAKINI SMS is a premier mobile revision platform for Secondary School students. The educational content available on MAKINI SMS includes Short Lessons and Multiple Choice Questions for Nine Secondary School subjects. With a MAKINI SMS subscription, Students can also access Shule Direct teachers, ask academic questions and get real-time response through the ask Ticha Kidevu feature.

Shule Direct Plus

For youths
ShuleDirect Plus focuses on providing practical lessons-from-the-field, knowledge and skills that will get young people started or enhance their potential. The Shule Direct Plus model supplements the years spent in school by providing on demand courses from successful experts in the professions who also share their lessons and personal experiences as part of the learning journey.


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About Shule Direct

Learning is every child's right not a privilege

We are empowering young learners to fulfill their potential by providing access to local, qualified and digital educational resources. We are building anywhere, anytime learning platforms to enable independent access to qualified localized digital content created and curated by qualified teachers and approved by subject matter experts from the Ministry of Education. Our ultimate goal is to improve learning outcomes among learners in Africa.

  • Discipline

  • Hard Work

  • Courage


This is the team that makes Shule Direct
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Faraja Nyalandu

Executive Director
Faraja is the founder and Executive Director of Shule Direct. She believes in the power of education to help people achieve their full potential. Education is not an end in itself, but a means to a better world. Faraja is a lawyer, but of her own kind, defending and pursuing people’s social rights. She is passionate about youth, quality education, women empowerment and human rights.
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Iku Lazaro

Communications Director
Iku, a Project Management Professional, is the Co-founder and Communications Director of Shule Direct. She has a knack for details and a passion for conserving the environment. Iku strongly believes that a well-educated generation is key to the existence of mankind.
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Lyric Doshi

Chief Technology Officer
Lyric is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Shule Direct. He currently works on Spanner at Google, building a highly available, globally-distributed and scalable database system. Technology makes working from California with our local technical team in Dar-es-Salaam just a click away. In his own words, “From my travels, I’ve really wanted to do something where I could leverage my background to make a difference, but never knew how to start. Shule Direct presented the perfect opportunity of a huge but hopefully tractable challenge as well as a clear and measurable opportunity to impact the lives of children and their education. With a solid education, anything is possible!”
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Aritamba Bisansaba

Content Development Director
Aritamba a Linguist, who has specialized in Kiswahili, is the custodian of Shule Direct’s Content. He believes in hard work to achieve any goal that one has set forth. He likes browsing the Internet, listening to country music, and traveling. He believes that education is very important to everyone, that once a person is educated his/her eyes will open to see opportunities, s/he will be able to think – to think independently, and will be able to solve problems in his/her daily life. His favorite quote is “Freedom of mind is to think for the best of others.
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Fatma Said

Finance and Administration Director
Fatma manages and oversees Shule Direct Accounts, Finance, Administration and Human resources. She loves coming to work at Shule Direct every morning because of the high skilled, competent and the innovative team that makes Shule Direct. Fatma believes education to be the major tool for poverty alleviation. This is important because it gives people critical skills and tools to help themselves, their children and the nation at large.
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Patience Richard

Senior Mobile Developer
Patience leads the development of technical products, he establishes lightweight software configuration management and release processes. He monitors and communicates progress and challenges throughout the product creation process to the rest of the staff at Shule Direct (in a layman’s language of course). He chose this line of work so that he can raise the quality and style of education both online and in the classroom. He thinks his job is less difficult because Shule Direct has a very clear vision and mission.
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Rajabu Mgeni

Senior Web Developer
Rajabu is in charge of web development, web management and web user experience design. His job requires him to think from the user’s perspective everyday. Because of that, user testing means a lot to him. Everybody relies on him when stuck on IT issues (which happen ever-so-often). Teamwork motivates Rajabu and he thinks it is important so that they all achieve their KPIs in cooperation.
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Ticha Kidevu

Genius Teacher
aka TK ni Mwalimu fulani amazing. I am a dedicated and hardworking teacher in Tanzania. Technology enables me to reach many students through ‪@ShuleDirect‬. Niko vizuri. My success is entirely contributed by the amazing and dedicated teachers that I work and collaborate with. Favourite Quote: “A gifted teacher is not only prepared to meet the needs of today’s child, but also prepared to foresee
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Tully Mwampanga

Program Manager – ShuleDirect Plus
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Erick Kondela

UX/UI Developer
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Shaweji Steven

Sales and Marketing Manager
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Stephen Mmassy

M&E Director
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Rahel Maneno

Accountant and Administration Manager


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